Dock, Resize, and Hide the Command Window

Change the position and display of the command window to suit the way you work.

Dock the Command Window

By default, the command window is docked. The docked command window is the same width as the AutoCAD window. If text that is entered becomes longer than the width of the command line, the window pops up in front of the command line to show the full text of the line.

Undock, or float, the command window by dragging it away from the docking region. The docking region is an edge of the AutoCAD application window that allows you to dock a toolbar, palette, or the command window. You can move the floating command window anywhere on the screen and resize its width and height with the pointing device.

Dock a floating command window again by dragging it to the docking region of the AutoCAD window.

Anchoring the Command Window

The command window can be anchored on the left or right side of the AutoCAD window. By anchoring the command window it remains on screen, but in a minimized state, which allows you to bring it back up when needed. This also helps to increase the amount of visible drawing area. The command window must be floating before an anchoring side can be selected. To anchor the command window make sure it is floating, and then right-click over its title bar and select either Anchor Left or Anchor Right.

Resize the Command Window

You can resize the command window vertically by dragging the splitter bar, which is located on the top edge of the window when it is docked on the bottom and at the bottom edge of the window when it is docked at the top.

Hide the Command Window

Hide and redisplay the command line by doing one of the following:

When you hide the command line, you can still enter commands. However, some commands and system variables return values at the command line, so you may want to redisplay the command line in those instances.

NoteFor information about display options (such as auto-hide or transparency) for dockable windows, see “Control the Display of Dockable Windows” in the topic Set Interface Options.