Set Interface Options

You can adjust the application interface and drawing area to match the way you work.

Many of the settings are available from shortcut menus and the Options dialog box. Some workspace elements, such as the presence and location of toolbars and palettes, can be specified and saved using the Customize User Interface dialog box.

Set Up the Drawing Area

Some settings affect how you work in the drawing area:

3D Modeling with Perspective Projection

Switch Between Model Space and Layouts

You can control how you change between model space and one or more layouts. The classic interface provides a Model tab and one or more layout tabs. To optimize space in the drawing area, you can turn off these tabs and use the equivalent buttons on the status bar. The control to change between the two interface designs is included as an item on the Model and layout tab shortcut menu, and on the shortcut menu of the Model/Layout button on the status bar.

NoteAccess to all shortcut menu options is available from the tabs only.

Specify Application Fonts

Control the Display of Dockable Windows

Many windows, such as the Properties palette, a tool palette, and DesignCenter, are dockable. That is, they can be docked, anchored, or floated.

Settings for these and other options are often changed on a shortcut menu, available by right-clicking the title bar of the palette or window.

Control the Display of Toolbars

To display or hide toolbars, right-click any toolbar to display a list of toolbars. A check mark next to a toolbar name indicates that it is displayed. Click a toolbar name in the list to display or clear the check mark.

A toolbar can be docked or floating. A docked toolbar is attached to any edge of the drawing area. Undock a toolbar by clicking the double bars and dragging it into the drawing area. You can click the title bar and drag it to a new location or dock it. Resize a floating toolbar by dragging an edge.

Lock the Position of Toolbars and Dockable Windows

Once you have arranged toolbars and docked, floating, or anchored windows the way you want them, you can lock their position. Locked toolbars and windows can still be opened and closed and items can be added and deleted. To unlock them temporarily, hold down CTRL.

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