Add Identifying Information to Drawings

You can keep track of your drawings more easily if you add keywords or other information to them.

Use Windows Explorer

Drawing properties can help you identify a drawing. Some drawing properties are stored by the operating system; for example, drawing type, location, and size. These values are read-only in the drawing file and can only be changed through Windows Explorer.

Use the Find Tool

The Find tool in a standard file selection dialog box can use this information. For example, you can search for all files created on a certain date, or for files you modified yesterday.

Use DesignCenter

You can create additional properties in drawing files. You can store author, title, and subject, and you can assign keywords, hyperlink addresses or directory paths, and custom properties to your drawings. The Advanced tab in the Search tool in DesignCenter can use these properties to locate drawing files. For more information about DesignCenter, see ADCENTER and Access Content with DesignCenter.

Use Sheet Set Manager Properties

With the Sheet Set Manager, you can assign a sheet title, number, and a description to every sheet in a sheet set. For more information about sheet sets, see Include Information with Sheets and Sheet Sets.

Display Properties in Fields

You can assign any of the drawing properties to a field in a text object. For more information about fields, see Use Fields in Text.