Access Content with DesignCenter

The tree view in the left portion of the DesignCenter window and the four DesignCenter tabs help you find and load content into the content area.

Folders Tab

The Folders tab displays a hierarchy of navigational icons, including

Click an item in the tree view to display its contents in the content area. Click the plus (+) or minus (-) sign to display and hide additional levels in the hierarchy. You can also double-click an item to display deeper levels. Right-clicking in the tree view displays a shortcut menu with several related options.

Open Drawings, History, and DC Online Tabs

The Open Drawings, History, and DC Online tabs provide alternate methods of locating content.

Bookmark Frequently Used Content

DesignCenter provides a solution to finding content that you need to access quickly on a regular basis. Both the tree view and the content area include options that activate a folder called Favorites. The Favorites folder can contain shortcuts to content on local or network drives as well as in Internet locations.

When you select a drawing, folder, or another type of content and choose Add to Favorites, a shortcut to that item is added to the Favorites folder. The original file or folder doesn't actually move; in fact, all the shortcuts you create are stored in the Favorites folder. The shortcuts saved in the Favorites folder can be moved, copied, or deleted using Windows. Explorer.