Create Annotative Blocks and Attributes

If you want to use geometric objects to annotate your drawing, combine the objects into an annotative block definition.

Annotative block definitions create annotative block references. Annotative block references and attributes initially support the current annotation scale at the time they are inserted. You should insert annotative block references with a unit factor of 1.

You cannot change the Annotative property of individual block references.

To set an annotative block’s paper size, you should define the block in paper space or on the Model tab with the annotation scale set to 1:1.

When creating and working with annotative blocks and annotative objects within blocks, the following points should be noted:

You can define annotative attributes for annotative and nonannotative blocks. Use annotative attributes with nonannotative blocks when you want the geometry in the block to display on the paper based on the scale of the viewport, but you want the attribute text to display at the Paper Height defined for the attribute.

You can set the orientation of annotative blocks to match the orientation of the paper. For more information about setting the orientation of annotative objects, see Set Orientation for Annotations.

You can use the ANNOTATIVEDWG system variable to specify whether or not the entire drawing will behave as an annotative block when inserted into another drawing. The ANNOTATIVEDWG system variable becomes read-only if the drawing contains annotative objects.

NoteThe INSUNITS setting is ignored when inserting annotative blocks into a drawing.
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