Returns the name of the last nondeleted main object (entity) in the drawing


The entlast function is frequently used to obtain the name of a new entity that has just been added with the command function. To be selected, the entity need not be on the screen or on a thawed layer.

Return Values

An entity name; otherwise nil, if there are no entities in the current drawing.


Set variable e1 to the name of the last entity added to the drawing:

Command: (setq e1 (entlast))

<Entity name: 2c90538>

If your application requires the name of the last nondeleted entity (main entity or subentity), define a function such as the following and call it instead of entlast.

(defun lastent (/ a b) 
  (if (setq a (entlast))		 Gets last main entity
	(while (setq b (entnext a))  If subentities follow, loops
until there are no more 
	(setq a b)				 subentities 
  a							Returns last main entity 
)								or subentity
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