Returns an object (entity) name based on its handle

(handent handle) 

The handent function returns the entity name of both graphic and nongraphic entities.



A string identifying an entity handle.

Return Values

If successful, handent returns the entity name associated with handle in the current editing session. If handent is passed an invalid handle or a handle not used by any entity in the current drawing, it returns nil.

The handent function returns entities that have been deleted during the current editing session. You can undelete them with the entdel function.

An entity's name can change from one editing session to the next, but an entity's handle remains constant.


Command: (handent "5A2")

<Entity name: 60004722>

Used with the same drawing but in another editing session, the same call might return a different entity name. Once the entity name is obtained, you can use it to manipulate the entity with any of the entity-related functions.

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