Retrieves an object's (entity's) definition data

(entget ename [applist])



Name of the entity being queried. The ename can refer to either a graphical or a nongraphical entity.


A list of registered application names.

Return Values

An association list containing the entity definition of ename. If you specify the optional applist argument, entget also returns the extended data associated with the specified applications. Objects in the list are assigned AutoCAD DXF™ group codes for each part of the entity data.

Note that the DXF group codes used by AutoLISP differ slightly from the group codes in a DXF file. The AutoLISP DXF group codes are documented in the DXF Reference.


Assume that the last object created in the drawing is a line drawn from point (1,2) to point (6,5). The following example shows code that retrieves the entity name of the last object with the entlast function, and passes that name to entget:

Command: (entget (entlast))

((-1 . <Entity name: 1bbd1d0>) (0 . "LINE") (330 . <Entity name: 1bbd0c8>) (5 . "6A") (100 . "AcDbEntity") (67 . 0) (410 . "Model") (8 . "0") (100 . "AcDbLine") (10 1.0 2.0 0.0) (11 6.0 5.0 0.0) (210 0.0 0.0 1.0))

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