GetInput Method

Converts a user's input string into a keyword index.

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RetVal = GetInput()


The object or objects this method applies to.


The index specifying which keyword was entered.


This method retrieves a keyword entered by the AutoCAD user during a call to one of the user-input functions (Get* methods).

The maximum length of the keyword is 511 characters (with the 512th character reserved for the NULL character).

A call to GetInput is meaningless and will fail unless it immediately follows a call to one of the user-input functions. Even then, the call will be successful only if the user-input function has returned the error description "User input is a keyword."

It isn't necessary to call GetInput after a call to the GetKeyword method.

The keywords recognized by the application are specified by a prior call to the InitializeUserInput method. The interpretation of the keywords is entirely up to the application. Keywords should not duplicate the names of AutoCAD commands.

The user can abbreviate a keyword, but GetInput always returns the full keyword as it was defined in the InitializeUserInput call with the original capitalization, so the application needs to do only one string comparison for each keyword it defines.