InitializeUserInput Method

Initializes the GetKeyword method.

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object.InitializeUserInput Bits[, Keyword]


The object or objects this method applies to.


Integer; input-only
To set more than one condition at a time, add the values together in any combination. If this value is not included or is set to 0, none of the control conditions apply.

Disallows NULL input. This prevents the user from responding to the request by entering only [Return] or a space.


Disallows input of zero (0). This prevents the user from responding to the request by entering 0.


Disallows negative values. This prevents the user from responding to the request by entering a negative value.


Does not check drawing limits, even if the LIMCHECK system variable is on. This enables the user to enter a point outside the current drawing limits. This condition applies to the next user-input function even if the AutoCAD LIMCHECK system variable is currently set.


Not currently used.


Uses dashed lines when drawing rubber-band lines or boxes. This causes the rubber-band line or box that AutoCAD displays to be dashed instead of solid, for those methods that let the user specify a point by selecting a location on the graphics screen. (Some display drivers use a distinctive color instead of dashed lines.) If the POPUPS system variable is 0, AutoCAD ignores this bit.


Ignores Z coordinate of 3D points (GetDistance method only). This option ignores the Z coordinate of 3D points returned by the GetDistance method, so an application can ensure this function returns a 2D distance.


Allows arbitrary input—whatever the user types.


Variant (array of strings); input-only; optional
The keywords that the following user-input method will recognize.


Keywords must be defined with this method before the call to GetKeyword. Certain user-input methods can accept keyword values in addition to the values they normally return, provided that this method has been called to define the keyword. The user-input methods that can accept keywords are: GetKeyword, GetInteger, GetReal, GetDistance, GetAngle, GetOrientation, GetPoint, and GetCorner.