All Drawing Objects

All of these objects can be defined as an AcadEntity object.

3DFace   3DPolyline   3DSolid  
Arc   Attribute   AttributeReference  
BlockRef   Circle   Dim3PointAngular  
DimAligned   DimAngular   DimArcLength  
DimDiametric   DimOrdinate   DimRadial  
DimRadialLarge   DimRotated   Ellipse  
ExternalReference   Hatch   Leader  
LightweightPolyline   Line   MInsertBlock  
MLine   MText   Point  
PolyfaceMesh   PolygonMesh   Polyline  
PViewport   Raster   Ray  
Region   Shape   Solid  
Spline   Table   Text  
Tolerance   XLine