With the Portable License utility, you can move the license for an Autodesk product between computers. For example, you may want to move a product license to your laptop computer so you can work at home.

License File

Contains the license rights that define whether or not you can run a product on a computer. The properties contained in a license file help you to decide whether to export or import the license. Each time you start the Portable License utility, only licenses that have a status of Active are displayed. Active licenses have not been exported and can be exported to another computer. You can also view all of the licenses that reside on your computer, regardless of their status.

Grace Period for an Emergency License

A twenty-four hour grace period in which you can run the product on the source computer after the license has been moved to another computer. When the grace period expires, however, the source computer cannot run the product again until you complete a “round trip” of the license (once you have moved the license to the target computer, you need to move it from that computer back to the computer where the license originated). The grace period may not be available if you have recently used the emergency license on the source computer.