In the Portable License utility, a computer identification code uniquely identifies a computer. This unique identifier allows you to transfer a product license between one computer and another.

Computer Identification Code

The unique computer identifier that the Portable License utility assigns to a computer. The computer identification code is stored in a transfer file or transfer code.

Run the Portable License utility on a computer to see the computer identification code displayed at the bottom of the window.

NoteAny changes you make to your computer that may affect the computer identification code can damage the license and make it unusable. Examples of such changes include adding, reformatting, or removing a hard drive. See Save a License During Computer Hardware Modifications for more information.
Computer List

A list that stores the names and identification codes of computers to which a license can be exported.

Source Computer

The computer where the license is currently active. Licenses are exported from the source computer.

Target Computer

The computer that receives a license. Once a computer has a license imported to it, it becomes the source computer.