Configure License Borrowing

If your Autodesk product supports the license borrowing feature, you can use the Options file to configure license borrowing options. For example, you can define the maximum number of licenses that cannot be borrowed from your network at any one time. In addition, you can define which users can borrow an Autodesk product license. Licenses are borrowed per user, not per machine.

NoteIf your Autodesk product supports license borrowing, and licenses are borrowed from a redundant license server pool, you must restart the license server after you stop the Network License Manager.

At the end of a borrow period, the borrowed license is automatically disabled on the user's computer and becomes available again on the license server. Users can also return a license before a borrow period has ended.

To set license borrowing parameters

  1. In the Options file, enter the following syntax on its own line (with BORROW_LOWWATER entered in uppercase, as shown):

    BORROW_LOWWATER feature_code n

    In the BORROW syntax, “feature_code” is the name of the product in the license file, and “n” is the number of licenses that cannot be borrowed.

    For example, the syntax BORROW_LOWWATER Autodesk_f1 3 means that for the product Autodesk_f1, three licenses cannot be borrowed from the license server.

  2. Enter the following syntax on the next line (with MAX_BORROW_HOURS entered in uppercase, as shown):

    MAX_BORROW_HOURS feature_code n

    In this syntax, “n” is the number of hours that a license can be borrowed.

    For example, the syntax MAX_BORROW_HOURS Autodesk_f1 360 means that for product Autodesk_f1, licenses can be borrowed for 360 hours, or 15 days.

    NoteLicenses are borrowed in increments of 24 hours only. Any number that is more than a 24-hour increment is not used. For example, the number 365 would be rounded down to 360 hours, or 15 days.

For more information about setting up the license borrowing feature, see the FLEXlm documentation in the Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager\Docs\FlexUser folder.

NoteUsers can borrow a license in an Autodesk product by clicking the Tools menuLicense Borrowing, or by entering borrowlicense on the Autodesk product command line. Help for this feature is available in the Borrow a License for [Autodesk product name] window and in \Program Files\[Autodesk product name]\Help\[Autodesk product name]_brw.chm.