Create a Report Log

In the Options file, you can create a report log file that is used with SAMreport-Lite.

To create a report log

  1. In a text editor, open the Options file, adskflex.opt.
  2. In the Options file, enter the following syntax on its own line (with REPORTLOG entered in uppercase, as shown):

    REPORTLOG [+]report_log_path

    For example, the syntax REPORTLOG +"c:\My Documents\report.rl" means that a report log named report.rl is located in the folder c:\My Documents.

    NotePath names that contain spaces must be enclosed in quotation marks.

    In the REPORTLOG syntax, “[+]” means that entries to the log file you create are appended rather than replaced each time the Network License Manager is restarted. (It is recommended that you use this option so that you retain a history of log entries.)