Overview of Materials

You can add materials to objects in your drawings to provide a realistic effect.

A material’s settings create its physical properties. The Materials tool palette in the Tool palettes window provides a large number of materials already created for you. You use these material tools to apply materials to objects in a scene. You can also create and modify materials using the Materials window. The Materials window offers many settings to modify properties of the material.

The use of mapping adds complexity and texture realism to the material. For example, you can replicate a paved road with asphalt by using a noise map and apply it to an object representing the road in the scene. Use the tile map to replicate a brick and mortar pattern.

Use the Advanced Lighting Override to add properties to the material that affect the rendered scene when lit by indirect illumination from global illumination and/or final gather.

After maps are applied to a material and modified to your preference, a map can be adjusted on the object using various tools that are available from the Materials dashboard panel.