Control Linetype Scale

You can use the same linetype at different scales by changing the linetype scale factor either globally or individually for each object.

By default, both global and individual linetype scales are set to 1.0. The smaller the scale, the more repetitions of the pattern are generated per drawing unit. For example, with a setting of 0.5, two repetitions of the pattern in the linetype definition are displayed for each drawing unit. Short line segments that cannot display one full linetype pattern are displayed as continuous. You can use a smaller linetype scale for lines that are too short to display even one dash sequence.

The Linetype Manager displays the Global Scale Factor and Current Object Scale.

The CELTSCALE value is multiplied by the LTSCALE value to get the displayed linetype scale. You can easily change linetype scales in your drawing either individually or globally.

In a layout, you can adjust the scaling of linetypes in different viewports with PSLTSCALE.