Publish Section Objects

You can control the visibility of section objects when you render, plot, or view them in the Autodesk DWF Viewer.

Render Section Objects

With live sectioning turned on, all lines on a section object render as 2D lines. The section plane indicator renders as a transparent material. Its degree of transparency is controlled in the Properties palette of the section object.

Plot Section Objects

When a section object is in a Section Boundary or Section Volume state, displayed lines do not plot. The section plane indicator plots as if it was assigned a transparent material, but not with the same fidelity as when rendered. If you do not want to plot the section line, place the section object on a layer that is turned off.

View Section Objects in the Autodesk DWF Viewer

When live sectioning is active on a section object, the 3D model is displayed in the DWF Viewer with the best possible visual fidelity. Geometry that is hidden by live sectioning is also hidden when displayed in the DWF Viewer. Display settings assigned for live sections are displayed in the viewer as they are in the drawing. For example, dashed linetypes and a hatch pattern assigned to the intersected area of a 3D model will be represented as such in the DWF Viewer.

The section object is not visible in the DWF Viewer.