Specify the Line Spacing Within Multiline Text

Line spacing for multiline text is the distance between the baseline (bottom) of one line of text and the baseline of the next line of text. The line space factor applies to the entire multiline text object, not to selected lines.

You can set the spacing increment to a multiple of single line spacing, or as an absolute distance. Single spacing is 1.66 times the height of the text characters.

The default line space style, At Least, automatically increases line spacing to accommodate characters that are too large to fit the line spacing you set for the multiline text object. Use the other line space style, Exactly, to line up text in tables.

To ensure that line spacing is identical in multiple multiline text objects, use Exactly and set the Line Space Factor to the same value in each multiline text object.

NoteUsing Exactly can cause text in lines located above or below lines with large font characters to overlap the larger characters.