Set the Scale for Dimensions

You can specify the size of dimensions in your drawing. How you set dimension size depends on the method you use to lay out and plot drawings.

Dimension scale affects the size of the dimension geometry relative to the objects in the drawing. Dimension scale affects sizes, such as text height and arrowhead size, and offsets, such as the extension line origin offset. You should set these sizes and offsets to values that represent their actual plotted size. Dimension scale does not apply the overall scale factor to tolerances or measured lengths, coordinates, or angles.

Setting dimension scale depends on how you lay out your drawing. There are three methods used to create dimensions in a drawing layout:

NoteWhen you dimension model space objects in paper space using associative dimensions, dimension values for the display scale of each viewport are automatically adjusted. This adjustment is combined with the current setting for DIMLFAC and is reported by the LIST command as a dimension style override. For nonassociative dimensions, you must set DIMLFAC manually.
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