Change Dimension Associativity

You may need to change the associativity of dimensions in several circumstances including adding associativity to dimensions created in previous releases.

You may need to change the associativity of dimensions in several circumstances such as the following:

Reassociate Dimensions to Different Objects

With DIMREASSOCIATE, you can select one or more dimensions and step through the extension-line origin points of each dimension. For each extension-line origin point, you can specify a new association point on a geometric object. Association points determine the attachment of extension lines to locations on geometric objects.

NoteWhen you create or modify associative dimensions, it is important to locate their association points carefully so that if you make a future design change, the geometric objects that you change will also change the dimensions associated with them.

When you use the DIMREASSOCIATE command, a marker is displayed that indicates whether each successive extension line origin point of the dimension is associative or nonassociative. A square with an X in it means that the point is associated with a location on an object, while an X without the square means that the point is not associated with an object. Use an object snap to specify the new association for the extension-line origin point or press ENTER to skip to the next extension-line origin point.

NoteThe marker disappears if you pan or zoom with a wheel mouse.

Change Nonassociative Dimensions to Associative

You can change all the nonassociative dimensions in a drawing to associative. Use QSELECT to select all nonassociative dimensions, and then use DIMREASSOCIATE to step through the dimensions, associating each one with locations on geometric objects.

Change Associative Dimensions to Nonassociative

You can change all associative dimensions in a drawing to nonassociative dimensions. Use QSELECT to select all associative dimensions, and then use DIMDISASSOCIATE to convert them into nonassociative dimensions.

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