Create and Use Named Page Setups

You can save plot device and other page setup settings as named page setups that can be modified and imported into other drawings.

You can create named page setups and apply them to other layouts in your drawing. Named page setups are saved in the drawing file and can be imported into other drawing files and applied to other layouts. You can also modify the settings of named page setups. If you modify a named page setup, you can choose whether the modifications apply to the current layout or to all the layouts in the current drawing that use the named page setup.

If you want to plot the same layout more than one way, or if you want to specify the same output options for several layouts, use named page setups.

You can apply different named page setups to the same layout to achieve specific results when plotting. For example, you might create the named page setups in the following table to control scaling and paper size.

Page setup name



Plot at scale 1:1, E-size sheet

Scale 1 to 2

Plot at scale 1:2, C-size sheet


Plot to the draft-quality plotter


Plot to the high-quality plotter


Fit to Paper, A-size sheet

Once you specify a named page setup for a layout, whenever you plot or publish the layout, it is plotted or published with the settings specified in the named page setup set for the layout.