Set Shaded Viewport Options

You can choose among several options for plotting shaded and rendered viewports. You can plot a viewport as it is displayed, in wireframe, with hidden lines removed, or as rendered.

You can specify how each viewport should be plotted, and save the plot settings with a drawing. You also can choose from a wide variety of resolutions, up to the resolution of your plotter, and save the resolution settings with a drawing.

NoteIf hardware acceleration is disabled or is enabled, but does not support all of the available hardware effects, it is possible to plot a drawing that contains shaded viewports with unsupported hardware effects by the graphics card through software emulation. To enable software emulation of hardware effects that are not supported by your graphics card, enter 3dconfig, and click Manual Tune. In the Manual Performance Tuning dialog box, click Emulate unsupported hardware effects in software when plotting. The effects will not appear in the viewport in real-time, but will appear in the hardcopy or electronic file that is created during the plot process.