Use Hyperlinks in Blocks

Hyperlinks can be associated with blocks, including nested objects contained within blocks. If the blocks contain any relative hyperlinks, the relative hyperlinks adopt the relative base path of the current drawing when you insert them.

When you select a block element in the drawing area that contains multiple hyperlinks, the available hyperlinks are listed in the Hyperlink shortcut menu. You can activate any hyperlink associated with the currently selected block element, and edit or remove a hyperlink associated with a particular block instance.

For example, suppose you have a block that contains a line and a circle. The line has an attached hyperlink named line, and the circle has an attached hyperlink named circle. This particular instance of the block has a hyperlink named block, which you attached after the block was inserted. When you select an element in the block, you can open the hyperlink associated with that element, or any hyperlink associated with that particular instance of the block. If, for example, you select the line block element, you can open the line hyperlink or the block hyperlink. If you select the circle block element, you can open the circle hyperlink or the block hyperlink. In both cases, you can edit or detach only the block hyperlink associated with this instance of the block.

To edit or remove hyperlinks nested in a block, you must first explode the block or use the REFEDIT command.