Access Buzzsaw for Project Collaboration

Using Autodesk. Buzzsaw. you can store, manage, and share documents that populate a Buzzsaw site.

Buzzsaw is a secure, online project collaboration service in which members in different locations can post files to and access files from a centralized site. You can save files, send transmittal sets, and publish sheets to Buzzsaw.

You can get a free 30-day trial subscription when you follow the procedures to access Buzzsaw, or from the Autodesk website. Your Buzzsaw subscription includes user licenses to access Buzzsaw. When you invite your consultants and contractors to your site, the Buzzsaw software is automatically downloaded.

Prepare to Use Buzzsaw

To use Buzzsaw, you must already have a project hosting account or be given access to a subscriber's Buzzsaw site. The subscriber will provide you with the Buzzsaw URL, user name, and password so that you can log in, access, and post files.

Use Buzzsaw

You can access Buzzsaw from several standard file selection dialog boxes (such as New or Open). The Buzzsaw icon is displayed in the Places list for quick access.

Support for Autodesk Buzzsaw services includes the following features:

If you plan to use Buzzsaw for project collaboration, set up some shortcuts so you can navigate to frequently used sites more quickly. Using the Buzzsaw icon in the Places list, you can specify a shortcut to an existing project collaboration site from the list or create a new shortcut using the Add a Buzzsaw Location Shortcut.

You can right-click in the Location area of a dialog box that supports Buzzsaw to display a shortcut menu that provides options to add, manage, or delete Autodesk Buzzsaw locations. Changes you make to locations get stored in the registry.