Linetype Property

Specifies the linetype of an object.

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All Drawing objects, AttributeReference, Group, Layer
The object or objects this property applies to.


String; read-write (write-only for the Group object)
The linetype of an object. The default linetype is the linetype of the layer (BYLAYER).


The linetype values identify the series of dots and dashes used for drawing lines. If you don't specify a linetype, the current active linetype is used for a new entity. If a linetype is specified for an entity, the current active linetype is ignored. Use the ActiveLinetype property to set or query the current active linetype.

NOTE It is not possible to create a linetype programmatically. An existing linetype may be added to a drawing by using the Load method to first load the linetype, and then the Add method to add it to the Linetypes collection.

Special linetype entries are as follows:


The default linetype, which is automatically created in the linetype symbol table.


The linetype value of the object's layer.


The linetype value of the object's surrounding block definition's current block reference.