GetSubEntity Method

Gets an object or subentity interactively.

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object.GetSubEntity Object, PickedPoint, TransMatrix, ContextData[, Prompt]


The object or objects this method applies to.


Object; output-only
The picked object or subentity. Can be one of any of the Drawing Objects.


Variant (three-element array of doubles); output-only
A 3D WCS coordinate specifying the point that was selected.


Variant (4x4 array of doubles); output-only
The translation matrix applied to this entity.


Variant (array of longs); output-only
An array of object IDs for any nested objects in the selected object.


Variant (string); input-only; optional
The text to display to prompt the user for input.


This method requires the AutoCAD user to select an object by picking a point on the graphics screen. If an object or subentity is picked, it is returned in the first parameter, and the second parameter will contain the point picked in WCS coordinates. If the pick point is not on an object the method will fail.

This method can retrieve an object even if it is not visible on the screen or if it is on a frozen layer.