AutoSaveInterval Property

Specifies an automatic save interval in minutes.

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The object or objects this property applies to.


Integer; read-write
0 >= AutoSaveInterval <= 600
An interval equal to 0 disables automatic save.
An interval greater than 0 automatically saves the drawing at the specified intervals.

System variables

This property is also controlled by the SAVETIME system variable. The ISAVEBAK system variable (set using the CreateBackup property) improves the speed of incremental saves, especially for larger drawings. The ISAVEPERCENT system variable (set using the IncrementalSavePercent property) determines the amount of wasted space tolerated in a drawing.


The initial setting for this property is 120.

The timer starts as soon as you make a change to a drawing. It is reset and restarted whenever the drawing is saved. The current drawing is saved to$ unless you have specified a different name using the AutoSavePath property.