IncrementalSavePercent Property

Specifies the percentage of wasted space allowed in a drawing file.

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The object or objects this property applies to.


Integer; read-write
The valid range is 0 to 100.

System variables

The value of this property is stored in the ISAVEPERCENT system variable.


The initial value of this property is 50.

When the specified percentage is reached, AutoCAD performs a full save instead of an incremental save. Full saves eliminate wasted space. If you set this property to 0, every save is a full save.

Although incremental saves increase the size of your drawing, do not set a very low value. For optimum performance, set the value to 50. If memory becomes an issue, set the value to 25. If you set the value to 20 or less, performance slows significantly. Low values lower the program's performance because AutoCAD performs time-consuming full saves more often.