ActiveDimStyle Property

Specifies the active dimension style.

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Document object
The object or objects this property applies to.


DimStyle object; read-write
A user-specified variable declared as an AcadDimStyle object type.


This style will be applied to all newly created dimensions. To change the style on an existing dimension, use the StyleName property.

To control the settings of the current document overrides, use the dimensioning system variables. See "System Variables" in the AutoCAD Command Reference for a list of dimensioning system variables.

When you change a dimensioning system variable, you are actually setting a document override for the active dimension style. You are not changing the active dimension style itself. To change the settings of a given dimension style, use the CopyFrom method. This method copies a dimension style configuration, including overrides, from a document, dimension, or other dimension style.

Dimensions created via the AutoCAD user interface are created with the active dimension style plus all document overrides. Dimensions created via ActiveX are created with the active dimension style only. To have the dimensions created via ActiveX take on the document overrides, use the CopyFrom method to copy the dimension style from the document to the active dimension style. This process will copy all existing overrides into the active dimension style.