ActiveDimStyle Example

Using Programming Languages other than VBA

Sub Example_ActiveDimStyle()
	' This example returns the current dimension style
	' and then sets a new style.
	' Finally, it returns the style to the previous setting.
	Dim newDimStyle As AcadDimStyle
	Dim currDimStyle As AcadDimStyle

	' Return current dimension style of active document
	Set currDimStyle = ThisDrawing.ActiveDimStyle
	MsgBox "The current dimension style is " &, vbInformation, "ActiveDimStyle Example"

	' Create a dimension style and makes it current
	Set newDimStyle = ThisDrawing.DimStyles.Add("TestDimStyle")
	ThisDrawing.ActiveDimStyle = newDimStyle	' set current dimension style to newDimStyle
	MsgBox "The new dimension style is " &, vbInformation, "ActiveDimStyle Example"

	' Reset the dimension style to its previous setting
	ThisDrawing.ActiveDimStyle = currDimStyle
	MsgBox "The dimension style is reset to " &, vbInformation, "ActiveDimStyle Example"
End Sub