Transient versus Persistent Reactors

Reactors may be transient or persistent. Transient reactors are lost when a drawing closes; this is the default reactor mode. Persistent reactors are saved with the drawing and exist when the drawing is next opened.

Use the vlr-pers function to make a reactor persistent. To remove persistence from a reactor and make it transient, use vlr-pers-release. Each function takes a Reactor object as its only argument. For example, the following command makes a reactor persistent:

_$ (vlr-pers circleReactor)

If successful, vlr-pers returns the specified Reactor object.

To determine whether a Reactor object is persistent or transient, issue vlr-pers-p. For example:

_$ (vlr-pers-p circleReactor)

The vlr-pers-p function returns the Reactor object if it is persistent, nil if it is not.