Application-Handling Functions

The following table provides summary descriptions of the AutoLISP application-handling functions.

Application-handling functions



( arx)

Returns a list of the currently loaded ObjectARX applications

( arxloadapplication [onfailure])

Loads an ObjectARX application

( arxunloadapplication [onfailure])

Unloads an ObjectARX application

( autoarxloadfilename cmdlist)

Predefines command names to load an associated ObjectARX file

( autoloadfilename cmdlist)

Predefines command names to load an associated AutoLISP file

( initdia[dialogflag])

Forces the display of the next command's dialog box

( loadfilename [onfailure])

Evaluates the AutoLISP expressions in a file

( startappappcmd file)

Starts a Windows application

( vl-load-allfilename)

Loads a file into all open AutoCAD documents

( vl-vbaloadfilename”)

Loads a VBA project

( vl-vbarunmacroname”)

Runs a VBA macro

( vlax-add-cmdglobal-name

'func-sym [“local-name


Adds commands to the AutoCAD built-in command set

NoteVLISP extension: requires vl-load-com