How to Use SAMreport-Lite

To use SAMreport-Lite to generate a report

  1. Click Start menu (Windows) All Programs (or Programs) SAMreport SAMreport.
  2. In the SAMreport-Lite window, click the Browse button.
  3. In the Report Log dialog box, locate and specify your report log file.

    By default, the Report Log dialog box lists only files named with a .rl file name extension. If your report log file has a different extension, such as .log, open the Files of Type list and select All Files to list all the files.

  4. In the SAMreport-Lite window, in the Output File box, specify the folder location and file name for your report output files.

    You do not need to specify the file name extension; the extension is automatically added to the name you supply based on the output formats you select. For example, if you select HTML and Text output formats and specify c:\my documents\report in Output File, the following report files are generated:

    c:\my documents\report.html

    c:\my documents\report.txt

    NoteBe sure to specify the full path name for your output files. If you don't, output files are written to the current working directory, which may be the Windows desktop. Specifying a full path name ensures that your report files are saved in the folder you choose.
  5. On the Report menu, click Generate.
  6. The report you specified is generated.

For more information about generating reports, see Basics of Generating a Report and Usage Summary Report.