What is SAMreport-Lite ?

SAMreport-Lite, a member of the GLOBEtrotter family of Software Asset Management (SAM) Solutions, is a report generator that helps you monitor the usage of applications that use FLEXlm. SAMreport-Lite complements FLEXlm by providing a graphical user interface (GUI) from which to run usage reports. SAMreport-Lite can help you make better decisions about your software assets.

SAMreport-Lite generates reports based on the license usage activity recorded in FLEXlm report logs. FLEXlm report logs are produced by vendor daemons and maintain a record of the activity of the vendor daemon. Enabling and Managing Report Logs describes how to start and manage report log files.

The SAMreport-Lite report generator comes with a predefined report type, which allows you to quickly start generating reports. The report summarizes data from your report logs into categories.

SAMreport-Lite processes the data from one or more report log files and writes the results to a file and/or displays results on the screen. The Usage Summary report produces a textual output that summarizes the usage statistics of each feature. The output of this report can be saved to files in text, HTML, or Report Interchange Format (RIF). RIF can be used to export report data to another software program, such as a spreadsheet.