Generate a Usage Summary Report

Using SAMreport-Lite you can generate a network license-usage report, called Usage Summary, for Autodesk. software that uses FLEXlm. licensing technology.

To generate a Usage Summary report from the SAMreport-Lite interface

  1. Start SAMreport-Lite.
  2. Select Usage Summary from the Report Type list.
  3. Specify one or more report log files.
  4. Using one of the following two methods, specify the location of each of the report logs you want to run with SAMreport-Lite.

    After you select a report log, the report log file name appears in the text box above the Remove button. To remove a report log from the list, click to highlight the report log, then click the Remove button.

    There is no fixed limit on the size of a report log that you run through SAMreport-Lite, but the execution time of a report is proportional to the amount of report log data that is processed.

  5. Specify an output format and/or an output file name base.

    A Usage Summary report is displayed on the screen from a file. Therefore, if you want to display a Usage Summary report on the screen, you must specify an output file format and output file name base.

    Unavailable output formats are grayed out. All reports written to files require an output file name base and at least one output format selection.

    The file name base can be entered using one of two methods:

    NoteDo not type a file extension (such as .txt). SAMreport-Lite adds the appropriate file extension based on the file type that you chose.
  6. Specify how you want the report data summarized and arranged.
  7. Specify the start and end dates for the report output.

    Use these fields to limit the date range of data to include in a report. To include data from the entire report log(s) in your report, leave these fields blank. See Setting Start and End Dates for a Report.

  8. Select Report Generate or click the Generate Report button.

A SAMreport-Lite Viewer window will appear and the report progress indicator moves from 0-100% as the report runs. Status messages, including any errors that occurred during report processing, are written in the Status History pane. You should see a status message indicating whether a report was produced. Even if a report was generated, there may be warnings or errors that are displayed here.

If you want to stop generating a report, click the Stop button on the toolbar or select Report Stop.

After a report is generated, the SAMreport-Lite Viewer window contains one or more pages of the report output.