How to Turn on a Report Log

SAMreport-Lite can read report logs that are accessible to the machine where SAMreport-Lite runs—either by being located on the machine where SAMreport-Lite runs or via a network share.

After you enable report logging with the following method, your vendor daemon will be writing a report log from which you can generate a report with SAMreport-Lite. Depending on your license usage, you should wait a few hours or a few days before generating a report from this report log.

The options files and license files for each license server in a redundant license server configuration must also be set up in order for report logging to continue when the master changes. If a master license server goes down, the new master will read its license and options files and write to its own report log.

To enable report logging for one of your Flexlm vendor daemons

  1. Create an options file for the vendor daemon, if one doesn't already exist. The options file is a plain text file with any name (we recommend an .opt extension).

    For example, for a vendor daemon called vend, the options file could be:

    C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager\vend.opt

  2. In the options file, enter a line of the following form:

    REPORTLOG + path \ ReportLogFileName

    NoteThe line + path \ ReportLogFileName cannot contain any spaces unless the entire line is contained within quotation marks, as in: ”+ path \ ReportLogFileName

    The leading “+” character tells the vendor daemon to append output to the report log each time the vendor daemon starts, rather than clearing and overwriting the report log. There is no space after the “+” character.

    Each vendor daemon must write its own report log. Do not direct multiple vendor daemons to write to the same report log. SAMreport-Lite (starting with v3.0d) will not process any report log that has been written by more than one vendor daemon on more than one host.

  3. Add the path and file name of the options file to the end of the DAEMON line in the license file.
  4. Restart the license server.
  5. When you change or create an options file, you must restart the license server in order for those changes to take effect. Rereading the license file is not sufficient.