Rotating a Report Log with lmswitchr

This method of rotating a report log is recommended if you are not using SAMsuite.

  1. Start lmtools. In the Service/License File tab, select the license server whose report log you want to rotate. Click the Switch Report Log tab. Type the Vendor Name and the New Report Location. Be sure to specify a new file name (do not reuse the old file name) for the new report log. Click the Switch Report Log button.
  2. Edit the options file with the new report log path and file name. If the license server goes down and comes back up, the vendor daemon will read its options file and will continue to write to the new report log. For redundant license servers, update each of the three options files.
  3. Move the closed report log to where it can be accessed for reporting and storage. You will move one report log for a single license server and up to three report logs for a redundant license server.
  4. Eventually you will not need to run reports on some of your old report logs. Those report logs can be compressed and archived to a location that does not necessarily need to be accessed by SAMreport-Lite.