Import a License to the Target Computer

Once you have exported a product license from the source computer, you complete the license transfer process by importing that license on the target computer. A license is imported when the Portable License utility accepts the portable license format (transfer file or transfer code) and creates an active license on this computer, allowing your Autodesk product to run on this computer.

To import a license

  1. On the target computer, click Start menu (Windows) All Programs (or Programs) Autodesk [Autodesk product name] Portable License Utility.
  2. On the Licenses tab, click Import License.
  3. In the Import License dialog box, select a license transfer option. Make sure that you select the same transfer option that you used when you exported the license.
    NoteIf you have misplaced the transfer code or transfer file, return to the source computer that had the active license. Run the Portable License utility and export the license again. You must export the license to the same target computer that you originally selected.
  4. Click Import.

    The license is now imported to the target computer; you can now run your Autodesk product on this computer. If you want to return the license to the original computer, repeat the export and import procedures.

  5. In the Portable License Utility window, click Close.