Migrate Existing Computer Information

Even though this version of the Portable License utility is not compatible with Autodesk 2002-based products or earlier products, you can still migrate the computer lists from earlier versions to your current computer list. Use the Migrate button on the Computers tab to migrate earlier computer lists. You do not need to gather, verify, and retype information about the computers that you have already documented in an earlier version of the Portable License utility.

Thus, if you want to use a computer list from an Autodesk 2004- through 2007-based product, the computer list is automatically migrated for you when you use the current Autodesk Portable License utility for the first time.

NoteAutodesk 2004-based products use a different computer list than is used by more recent products. So, if you want to add new computer information to an Autodesk 2004-based product after you first run the current Portable License utility, you must manually add the new computer information to both the Autodesk 2004 and the current computer lists.

To migrate computer information

  1. On the source computer, click Start menu (Windows) All Programs (or Programs) Autodesk [Autodesk product name] Portable License Utility.
  2. Click the Computers tab.
  3. Click Migrate.
  4. In the Migrate Existing Computer Lists dialog box, in the Select the Drives to be Searched for Existing Computer Lists list, click the box next to each drive that you want to search.
  5. Click Begin Search.
  6. In the Select the Computer Lists to be Merged into the Current List list, click the box next to each file that you want to merge with the existing list. Click Migrate.

    The Merged Computer Information message is displayed, informing you of the number of computers added to your computer list.

  7. Click OK.
  8. In the Portable License Utility window, click Close.