Re-export a License

If you need to regenerate a license (if you lose a license transfer file or transfer code, for example), you can recreate it by exporting the license again from the source computer. (This is one reason you obtain the license from the target computer when you initially set up a license transfer between two computers.) The Portable License utility can identify the target computer where you exported the original license, so you can only re-export the license to that same computer.

WarningBefore you re-export a license, make sure that the target computer has had no hardware changes since you obtained its computer identification code. Hardware changes (such as partitioning a hard drive) may disable the license on that computer, which will prevent your Autodesk product from running. For more information about preventing license transfer problems after hardware changes, see Save a License During Computer Hardware Modifications.

To re-export a license

  1. On the source computer, click Start menu (Windows) All Programs (or Programs) Autodesk [Autodesk product name] Portable License Utility.
  2. On the Licenses tab, select the license you want to re-export. Click Export License.

    The Export License dialog box displays the Autodesk product name and license name, and lists the computer name and identification code of all computers in the computer list.

  3. In the Export To list, select the same target computer you used the first time you exported the license.
  4. Check your notes to verify that the identification code is correct for the target computer.

    The identification code displayed here must match the code on the target computer exactly.

  5. Select the same export type you used the first time you exported the license.
  6. Click Transfer License.
  7. In the Export Succeeded dialog box, click OK.
  8. In the Portable License Utility window, click Close.