Use Command Line Switches

Command line switches are parameters that you can add to the Portable License utility executable command line (plu250.exe for 2005-based products and plu26.exe for current products) to perform additional operations.

To use command line switches, you need to have a basic understanding of how to execute DOS commands.

Command line switch



Defines which product license you are going to import or export. You can view the license number in the Properties dialog box in the Portable License utility.


Runs the import/export operation in “quiet” mode. When the Portable License utility runs in quiet mode, error messages are not displayed during operations that do not require your interaction; only error codes are shown.

NOTE: If an error code is shown, do the operation again with the quiet mode switch disabled to view the corresponding error message.


Displays the transfer code used to import a license.


Defines the computer identification code of the computer you want to export the license to.


Specifies a license by name to export when there is more than one exportable license available.


Defines the file name and path of where the license file is written when exporting a license. If a file name is not specified in quiet mode, a transfer code is displayed in a console window.


Uses the language given by language_identifier, if available. Defaults to the current locale, or to International English if no other language data can be located.

Command line switch examples



plu26 /P:BD226000

Starts the Portable License utility with product BD226000.

plu26 /P:BD226000 /Q /E:1A8X3S2D8D7SM34M /O:A:\MyLicense

Exports a license in quiet mode.

plu26 <path_file_name>

Imports a license with a transfer file.

plu26 /I:RDRH5N1XE9UEEY66

Imports a license with the transfer code RDRH5N1XE9UEEY66.