Import License Dialog Box

Completes the license transfer to the target computer. You can select an import option (transfer code or transfer file). You can also view the properties of the license you are about to import, to confirm that you have selected the correct license file.

Import Options

Provides options to import an Autodesk product license file using a transfer code or a transfer file.



Use Transfer Code

If available, displays the transfer code. If you have previously used a transfer file to transfer a license, you can simply write down the transfer code and add it to the computer where you are transferring the license. You do not need to physically transfer the transfer file to a computer.

Use Transfer File

Contains information that is necessary to transfer a license between computers for the first time, or when you have changed the license details since the last transfer. You can transfer a file on a diskette, in a shared network folder, or as an email attachment.


Imports a license file.


Opens the Select License Transfer File dialog box, where you can browse your computer and network so that you can select the license transfer file you want to use.

License Properties

Displays the license properties for the license selected on the License tab. This information is displayed only when the Transfer File option is selected.




Displays the Autodesk product name for the license you want to import.

License Name

Displays the license name for the license you want to import.

Export Date

Displays the date that the license file was exported from another computer.

Exported To

Displays the name of the computer that exported the license file.