The Options File

Another component of FLEXlm is the Options file. You create this file to set specific configuration options. For information about creating and using an options file, see Set Up and Use an Options File.

Use the Options file to set parameters for the following server-related features:

Report log file

A compressed, encrypted file is created that generates accurate usage reports on license activity for use by SAMreport-Lite. For more information about SAMreport-Lite, see the SAMreport-Lite User's Guide, which you can access on the Documentation tab of the Media Browser.

License borrowing

If your Autodesk product supports the license borrowing feature, you can allow users to borrow an Autodesk product license from a network license server so that they can use the product without being connected to the license server. A license can be borrowed for a limited period of time.

License timeout

With license timeout, you can set a timeout period on your license server. When set, license timeout returns a license to the license server when a connection with the workstation is lost, or if a license is checked out but the Autodesk product is idle on a workstation for longer than the timeout period you define.

For more information about configuration options, see Configure the License Server.

For specific information about using FLEXlm configuration tools, see the FLEXlm documentation by navigating to C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager\Docs\FlexUser\TOC.htm.