The Autodesk vendor daemon used with the FLEXlm license technology. This daemon keeps track of the Autodesk licenses that are checked out and the workstations that are using the licenses.


In a distributed license server configuration, the environment variable used to point a workstation to the distributed license servers.

borrowed license

A license that allows you to use an Autodesk product for a limited period of time without having to buy a separate license or have network access to the license server. Previous versions of your Autodesk product may have used the License Configuration Switcher.


A program that runs continuously in the background of a computer. The daemon handles requests from the computer and then forwards the requests to other programs or processes. The Network License Manager uses two daemons: the vendor daemon (adskflex.exe) and the license manager daemon (lmgrd.exe).

debug log file

A file used with FLEXlm to log connection activity (such as license failure or starting and stopping) between the Network License Manager and the workstation.


The files and folders created on a server and used by workstations to install Autodesk programs.

distributed server

A license server configuration option in which several servers are used to manage license distribution. Each distributed license server has a unique license file and a fixed number of licenses. If one distributed license server fails, the other servers are still able to distribute their licenses.

ethernet address

See host ID.


The Macrovision Corporation license management technology implemented in the Autodesk family of products.

heartbeat signal

The communication signal between the Network License Manager and the workstation to verify that the workstation is accessible and has an active Autodesk product session running.

host ID

The unique hardware address of a network adapter. Also known as ethernet address or physical address.

host name

The TCP/IP name associated with a computer. FLEXlm technology uses the host name as a parameter; the host name must be distinguished from the NetBIOS (server) name.


A state of inactivity in your product that prompts a network license server to reclaim a license. Your product may be considered idle for a number of reasons, such as when there have been no keystrokes or mouse clicks within the product or if no commands, LISP expressions, menu macros, or scripts are in progress for the period of time that is defined in the Options file. See also license timeout.

JRE (Java Runtime Environment)

A program that is required to run Java programs. This program must be installed with SAMreport-Lite.

license configuration switcher

See borrowed license.

license file

A file used with FLEXlm that controls the number of available seats. This file must be in ASCII plain text format.

license server

A server that contains the Network License Manager.

license timeout

A feature that allows you to set up a timeout period on your license server to automatically return an idle license to the server so that it is available for use again.


In both single and redundant server configurations, the file used to point the workstation to the FLEXlm license server. Licpath.lic is located in the root installation folder.


The license manager daemon. This daemon handles the original contact with the program, and then passes the connection to the vendor demon, adskflex.exe.


A graphical user interface utility used to administer the FLEXlm license technology. (Lmutil.exe is the command line version of this utility.)


A command line utility used to administer the FLEXlm license technology. (Lmtools.exe is the graphical user interface version of this utility.)

master daemon

See lmgrd.exe.

Network License Activation utility

A utility that allows network administrators to license and authorize network versions of an Autodesk product over the Internet.

network license installation

A type of installation that requires you to install and run the Network License Manager from a network server. You must install and configure the Network License Manager before clients can run the Autodesk product.

Network License Manager

The technology used by Autodesk for network license management.

Options file

The file used by FLEXlm to control license manager parameters, such as reserving licenses and creating report logs used with SAMreport-Lite.

physical address

See host ID.

redundant server

A license server configuration option in which three servers are used to administer licenses. The redundant servers share a license file and a pool of licenses. The redundant server pool remains functional as long as two of the three servers are running.

report log file

A file used with FLEXlm and SAMreport-Lite. This log file provides information about network license usage. The Options file creates the report log.


The location of Autodesk product program files, such as acad.exe.


A version of Macrovision Corporation's SAMreport tool. SAMreport-Lite is included on the Autodesk product CD-ROM.

vendor daemon

See adskflex.exe.


A desktop computer used by an individual user on a network.