Example of Additional Parameters in a License File

For Autodesk products that are included in a product set and are also sold as an individual product, licenses are allocated based on a sequence of priorities defined in the license file. For those products, information similar to the following example appears in a license file:

SERVER Server1 1a34567c90d2
VENDOR adskflex port=2080 
INCREMENT 54600ACD_2008_0F adskflex 1.000 permanent 5 \
	VENDOR_STRING=commercial:permanent BORROW=4320 SUPERSEDE \
	DUP_GROUP=UH ISSUED=09-Jan-2007 SN=123-12345678 SIGN="0247 \
	45D6 87C4 27A5 7F9E F24A ED3D 61E4 6B3B CC5C AD77 B865 9EA8 \
	3D62 0792 0F67 19E7 57E7 FAFA A48B D582 335A EC16 1FE5 B70D \
	76AB 6488 61CC DE5E F5B7" SIGN2="09FD 0850 7CF1 F447 9F05 9FA3 \
	2A0A 38D6 83FC 1746 F3F5 5A72 6250 E002 DE0B 0E6E F88C AC95 \
	136F 87F2 A945 E4C4 A97F 44B5 74EE 83F3 3F3E 1579 B981 8994"
INCREMENT PLIST adskflex 1.000 permanent 1 \ 
	SUPERSEDE ISSUED=15-jul-2006 SIGN="14C8 A29F BA92 C89A F132 \
	BE66 0206 D8BE F9B7 3FB5 9229 FEB8 2E8D 995E EBB5 1B9E 0142 \
	C933 9483 D0D0 CA94 6532 1CB5 37D7 03CD B085 7301 7484 CA71 \
	2861" SIGN2="0B21 109E EED0 4863 A6E9 6A65 8C7B 6D0B 0B04 \
	2F22 355F 433B 2D81 A540 1D45 55A1 DA71 4024 DA50 35E2 \ 
	0089 3081 724E 860B A11F EBBE 3641 A1D5"