Example of a License File for a Redundant Server

Here is an example of a completed license file for a redundant license server model:

SERVER Server1 1a34567c90d2 27005
SERVER Server2 2a34567f90d3 27005
SERVER Server3 3a34567b90d4 27005
VENDOR adskflex port=2080 
INCREMENT 54600ACD_2008_0P adskflex 1.000 permanent 5 \ 
	VENDOR_STRING=commercial:permanent BORROW=4320 SUPERSEDE \
	DUP_GROUP=UH ISSUED=09-Jan-2007 SN=123-12345678 SIGN="15A0 \
	9FD4 0108 1BDE F05D 8960 55C5 0142 1D4F 5570 D4F5 C6D2 949E \
	AAA6 1195 1616 50BD 2A07 14A9 898D 69C9 F833 7EED 4D56 ADCC \
	5CD3 1173 F04A 1A63 8335" SIGN2="1239 48BA 591E 20B8 7EB9 CDF5 \
	2FCF 31F1 62DF 8BED 839D 8A20 5C41 673E 06F9 0B97 179E 4398 \
	9C10 8C5F 8020 EB0D 9AA6 772D FB67 2208 C211 096F E44C F086"
NoteThe redundant server model requires the addition of a port number (the default is 27005) for each server.