Select Leader: Select a leader
Select Annotation: Select the mtext, tolerance, or block reference object for the annotation

Usage Example:
Select a leader line, and then specify the mtext object to attach.

Separate leader line and mtext objects:

Leader line with mtext attached as one object:

At the Select Leader: prompt, you will be prompted until you select a leader object or abort the command. At the Select Annotation: prompt, you will be prompted until you select an MText, Tolerance, or Block Reference object for the annotation.

If attachment is successful, the tail of the leader will jump to the default attachment point of MText or Tolerance annotation. If the angle is appropriate a hook line will appear.

The leader and annotation objects must be on the same plane, otherwise they will not attach.

If you wish to attach to a Block Reference, you should move the leader endpoint to where you want it before you execute qlattach. The leader will not move, and you will see no immediate visual feedback that the leader was successfully attached.