The timer can be turned on and off and can be reset. A timeout option suspends timing after a specified period of inactivity.

EditTime settings: Status=OFF Timeout=10 min.
Active=0.0000 hr.
Enter an option [Reset/Timeout/ON/OFF]: Enter desired option


LISP access

EDITTIME-related data is stored per drawing, in the Named Object Dictionary. The:
(acet-getvar ...)
(acet-setvar ...)
functions (available in the acetutil.fas module) provide access to the BNS_EDITTIME_TOTAL "profile variable". If EDITTIME has been enabled on a drawing, you can use:
(acet-getvar '("BNS_EDITTIME_TOTAL"))
to extract the elapsed time (up to the opening of the current editing session) from the current drawing as a Julian time value (a REAL value, containing the number of 24-hour days the drawing has been in "active" use).

The following LISP functions are exported by edittime.arx: