TextOverride Property

Specifies the text string for the dimension.

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Dim3PointAngular, DimAligned, DimAngular, DimArcLength, DimDiametric, DimOrdinate, DimRadial, DimRadialLarge, DimRotated
The object or objects this property applies to.


String; read-write
The maximum length is 256 characters.


The user string replaces the calculated dimension value. You can revert to the calculated dimension value by setting the text to a NULL string (""). You can append or prepend text to the primary dimension value by using a closed set of brackets (<>) to represent the value. The primary dimension value will replace the brackets when the string is displayed. For example, TextString = "<> mm" will result in a displayed string of "3.5 mm" where the value of the dimension is 3.5. You can also include the secondary dimension value using square brackets ( [] ).